Grants and Technology Plan: Redesign and Transform

Meet with school administrators to develop/enhance the school technology plan and curriculum
Assist with grant writing and recommend sources of funding
Work with principals, staff, and teachers who will help implement the school technology plan
Develop a team of technology teachers who will help implement the plan
Establish technology acceptable use plans for staff and students



Infrastructure: Access and Enable

Evaluate current infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements
Establish a protocol of technology support
Coordinate infrastructure repairs with network personnel and vendors
Coordinate annual maintenance and updates


Faculty Workshops and Support: Prepare and Connect

Develop and provide customized training for faculty to support all areas of school technology
Provide reference materials at workshops, and develop school online database for technology references
Identify key teachers who can provide leadership and share technology success with peer teachers
Establish evaluation guidelines so that teaching with technology is fully implemented and remains current


Assessment: Measure What Matters

Follow-up with administrators and technology team to assess past success and plan for future needs
Implement a procedure for the evaluation of school technology