Wendy Thompson
Master of Education
Leadership Technology

...Louisiana Dept. of Education lifetime certified teacher with over 25 years of experience in both teaching and multi-campus technology administration. Wendy is a trusted technology consultant for Louisiana schools and businesses.

Learning Center

& Technology
Our programs are led by highly qualified school teachers-
• Assisted Homework
• Twist on TUTORING
• Private Tutoring
• Organizational Skills
• Study Skills
• Progress Support
• Technology Classes
• Mega Fun FRIDAYS
• Student Success


• Engaging Teacher Workshops • higher-order thinking skills through appropriate use of technology.
• Prepare students for their future in a competitive global job market.
• Design student-centered, technology rich learning environments.
• Guide schools in creating digital places of learning.

STEM Education

Tech for Kids
Friday STEM Classes and Summer STEM Camps ...

• Video Game Design
• CODE/Programming
• Kid-friendly Forensics
• Robotics
• Science Experiments
• LEGO Programming
• Computer Game Makers
• Minecraft & Roblox ...and so much more!!!


Our Homework Study Program has been a huge success and there is a reason why we have a wait-list for most grade levels...

• “My child's grades have improved, and he actually likes getting his work done at the center!”

• “We love this program! It's so nice to pick up our kids and not have to worry about homework, and studying. They get everything done at the center and grades have improved tremendously!”

• “This is a dream come true for working families. Finally a tutoring program that helps my child succeed in school and complete the day to day tasks without breaking the bank!!!”

• “The teachers are so nice and helpful! I love the progress updates, so I don't have to worry about checking JPAMS.”

• “This is the most affordable and successful tutoring program around, and we couldn't be happier with our daughter's grades since she has enrolled in Homework Study.”

These are just a few comments from parents boasting about our twist on tutoring. Our program works! That's why we don't have to require contracts. Our students remain with us because they like Homework Study and it helps them succeed in school.

At an incredibly discounted rate, students may attend unlimited daily (Mon. thru Thurs.) after school sessions to complete homework, study for tests, and receive tutoring in areas of need. This program is led by several certified teachers! We teach valuable study skills and work ethics!

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