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You have been asking for it....

We are posting our new schedule early due to high demand. Our Camps sold out prior to the end of the school year last year, so RSVP soon! 5/24 - 5/25         Game Builder Mini Camp (5/23 is last day of school)  Using our new Bloxel Gameboards and digital tablets, students can build the levels, heroes, and art to make their video games come to life … plus an afternoon of MINECRAFT, ROBLOX, VARIOUS VIDEO GAMES, LEGOs, CRAFTS, MOVIES, and more will be available to enjoy each day!  Students may attend anytime between 9am-3pm  $100 total 5/28 – 6/1          Beginner Game Programmers - Emerging video game programmers will learn an easy visual programming language, developed by MIT, to create several arcade-style games …including a frogger game!  Students may save their games to access and build on from...


PARENTS NIGHT OUT 6:30-9:30pm  ... MOST Fridays Advanced Registration is REQUIRED as we usually sell out (only 20 seats available)
  • $20 includes FUN, 2 slices of cheese PIZZA, Drink & Cookie
  • Ages 7+  Adult Supervised
  • Mindcraft, Roblox, and other fun video games. Every player has their own computer/seat at our LARGE touch screen computers!
  • To keep cost down- cash/check only for Game Night
Call 985-778-2828